Weekly Challenge: Are You a Diet Addict?

It’s Monday morning and you are pumped, motivated, ready to beat your body into submission. It’s different this time. You’ve found THE program! The one that will shed the weight and set you free. You got the food ready, the meal plans in hand, and you’re dressed for success to make that 6 AM “Burn that Booty Off” bootcamp class everyone is raving about. Sure, you’ve done this before. This time is different because this time you’ll stick to the program. You have a drive and desire that far exceeds the other 82 times a weight loss plan has been attempted. And besides, you are so sick of yourself you can barely stand it. Sick of the extra weight, sick of not fitting into those size 6 goal jeans that sit in your closet and mock you every time you go to get dressed. It all ends here and today. Monday! It’s the start of a whole new you.  You will wear those goal jeans and everyone will tell you how great you look, and all will be right with the world.

Sound familiar?

How many times has this been the situation in your life? How many years of your life have you spent dieting and gaining weight?

But, hey, that’s normal. Growing up we watch our mothers diet. We watch them criticize their bodies. We listen to everything they say about their own appearance and food. When we grow up we sit around with girlfriends and talk about how “bad” we’ve been, how many calories are in the wine we’re about to drink, and how much exercise we’re going to have to do to punish ourselves for it later. This is the cycle that we inherit and pass on. We absorb the sickness that is our culture, internalize it, and let it rule our entire lives. Can you imagine how much free time you would have if you weren’t so preoccupied by your weight and dieting?  What could you accomplish in all the newly freed up time?

What if I told you that your obsession with dieting and hating your body was what was making you fat? Diets are punishments. We dislike our bodies/ourselves so we find some restrictive eating plan to make us miserable in the hopes that if we are uncomfortable long enough we will be happy. When we fail we then punish ourselves in a different way through “comfort” (or what we have learned is comfort) in the form of lots and lots of food. Which then becomes just another way to punish ourselves for failing. Leading inevitably to weight gain and unhappiness.

This week your challenge is to stop dieting.

Normally, I would give you tips and tricks to living your life without diets but I don’t want you doing that this week. This week I want you to sit with yourself. Sit with the person you are without the plans of how you’re going to change yourself.  Even if you are 300 pounds, you are wonderful just being you. Meditate on that thought this week. Convince yourself of it. You’ll be surprised that when you love and accept yourself, making the right choices for your health are easy. Dieting does not equal getting healthy; dieting is a sickness that our culture promotes constantly. Free yourself from that this week. You do not want to be 75 years old and have losing and gaining weight the primary theme of your life. You are so much more than that!

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