Day 26: Tacos and Pseudoscience

Raw TacosToday I finally got to try the raw tacos. They took 2 days to make but were well worth it! I’m not going to sit here and tell you that they tasted exactly like a mexican taco, but I will tell you that the flavor was really good and the texture was a welcome softness. The recipe is from Real World, Raw Food which is also where I got the Chocolate Ganache Torte recipe. If you’re thinking about going raw this is a good gourmet option. The recipes are often complicated and multi-layered but the outcome is really good food, even if you’re not a raw foodist.

Something that has been bothering me since the inseption of this project has been that many, if not all, the raw foods books contain a lot of pseudoscience. There are references to quotes by famous vegetarians and then a correlation made to why it’s more healthy, as if because it’s logical it must be fact. I have a real problem with this kind of reasoning when it comes to nutrition because there is actual science and facts about how our body works. We don’t need to make guesses based on our own personal logic. Many books suggest trying  fasts, detoxes, and colonics. All of these things are so unnecessary and go against how our body truly works.

Our bodies are the most efficient, magnificent machines you will ever encounter. It is a pro at flushing out toxins and waste. However, sometimes we don’t give our machine what it needs to clean itself thouroughly, i.e. fiber, minerals, phytochemicals, whole foods. But that doesn’t mean that you need to starve it on a cleansing diet or only provide it with fruit juice, or even worse yet have a jet of water shot up your butt. It’s the same logic that if your car is not running smoothly you’re going to put water in the gas tank and deprive it of any oil. Your car won’t run on that and neither will your body.

The body is the most efficiant self cleaning oven you’ve ever seen. It just needs proper nutrition and an appropriate amount of calories. We don’t like diets around these parts and what these books are calling a “cleanse”, your body calls a crash diet.

*Big deep breath*

And there’s my rant!

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this whole raw thing. With only a couple days left of the experiment I’m not convinced that eating raw food, that’s only been cooked to 118 degrees, is the key to health. I think that eating whole foods, free range/no antibiotic/vegetarian fed meat and eggs, and lots and lots of veggies is the answer. BUT I do have a couple days left of the official experiment and I’m keeping an open mind!

Here’s a question that I haven’t been able to answer; maybe one of you has the info:

If eating raw or vegan is so healthy, then why do you have to take a b-12 vitamin supplement? In my view, if a diet is truly healthy then you should be able to get all your essential nutrients from the food.

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