Reach Your Fitness Goals This Year!

                      Did you know that studies show working with a qualified personal trainer increases your success? Take advantage of this great introductory rate and get on the right path to long term change. Contact me to get started and claim this rate. Read up on [...]

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5 Things You Can Do Today to Get Healthier

1. Eat Breakfast! – Studies show time and time again that people who regularly eat breakfast have lower body weights. Think about your car, it needs fuel to run. So does your body! When you don’t eat, your brain thinks you’re starving and reacts by slowing your metabolism and cuing you to binge next time [...]

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Weekly Challenge: Eat More Often

Do you want to eat more often, weigh less, and have less cravings? Who doesn’t want that. But this time, no one’s going to give you a product to buy to achieve that. With one simple redivision of your meals you can be on the road to food freedom. Having smaller meals that are closer [...]

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Burgers and Fries and Soda, Oh My!

Think you have to live without these foods to be healthy? Think again! Here are some healthy, lo-cal recipes to enjoy this summer. Juicy Burgers 1 lb lean ground meat (could be beef, turkey, or bison) 1 whole egg 2 c. minced mushrooms 1/2 c. minced onions 5 small chipotles* 1 tbsp adobo sauce from [...]

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Weekly Challenge: Become an Ingredient List Detective

Forget about the Nutrition Label. The information you want lies right beneath it in the Ingredient List.  Yes, calories count but where those calories come from matters more and that’s why when you pick up a package of pre-prepared food your first stop should be to find out what’s in it. This week your challenge [...]

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Lose the Weight by Changing Your Thinking

Get rid of your focus on weight and size and re-focus on health and feeling good. Most people begin their journey into fitness and proper eating for aesthetic reasons. In fact, that’s probably what brought you here today. Our outside appearance is paramount and we are fed this message through media our entire lives: Your [...]

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